Since the beginning of 2016, Indonesian has entered a new era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). As the biggest and most populated country in ASEAN, Indonesia consist 40% of ASEAN. With economic growth approximately higher than 5% and multiple infrastructure program, Indonesia has a big chance to be the pioneer of high income, democratic, and welfare nation among ASEAN countries. Nevertheless, with primordial thought, corruption pandemic, and intolerant fanaticism are getting stronger day by day Indonesia need extra effort to be ASEAN play-maker.

Therefore, what should Indonesian entrepreneurs accomplished in order to optimize the opportunity of AEC? What does Indonesian professionals need to make them truly be an ASEAN influencer? How Indonesian scholars could participate to shape AEC leaders without losing their Indonesian identity? To help professionals, scholars, and private sector be more ready and prepared with their leadership strategies for AEC, the 20th event of Global Indonesian Network will try to facilitate Indonesian leaders in expanding their ideas and acknowledge their doubts on AEC through our multinational speakers from corporate and researcher with panel, moderator and discussions.

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