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Our upcoming event is in less than two weeks!

Based on OECD (2012), McKinsey Global Institute (2012), and World Bank (2010), Indonesia has an enormous potential to become one of the Top 10 economies in 2030. Inevitably, many multinational companies will establish their resources such as technologies, knowledge and human capital in Indonesia. It needs cultural intelligence and intercultural competencies to integrate two or more culture in one globalized workplace. Successful integration between multinational companies and Indonesian at the workplaces depends on learning efforts from all sides. Although Indonesian unconsciously has developed a high degree of intra-cultural competence in dealing with the extraordinary diversity of their country, they nevertheless are struggling with adapting to the inter-cultural requirements of a global workplace. It is because Indonesian often determined by “Western” culture and do often not match with Indonesian cultural values and norms. Therefore, creating real synergies at workplace becomes a big challenge not only for Indonesia's young professionals but also foreign partners. When culturally different individuals engage with one another, they need to be aware of the cultural commonalities and differences, in order to appreciate them and finally to transform them into the group of synergy. In other words, in the age of globalization, the interacting partners need to develop cultural intelligence and intercultural competencies.

This time for obtaining the true learning about Indonesian foreign partner especially the Swiss, we collaborate with Institut für Kommunikation und Interkulturelle Kompetenz,Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR).

Intercultural Leadership and Learning is series of events for learning by workshop, business excursion, and conference. These events will take place on 31st of August until 4th September 2015 with two days workshop, two days conference, and one day business excursion. Events main activity will be held in Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

During two days workshop (31 Aug. – 1 Sept.) and business excursion (4 Sept.) , experts from the Global Indonesian Networks and HSR will provide you with both, results of intercultural research about the dynamics of Swiss-Indonesian cooperation as well as strategies for developing synergies in daily cooperation.

With only 24 seats available, make sure to put your name on our participants list!


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